Workshop & Seminars

SBCF works to create jobs and improve the overall economic condition of the community as a whole by providing financing to start-ups and existing business owners that may have difficulty securing loans from traditional lenders. SBCF partners with governmental agencies, local banks, educational institutions and private foundations to administer various programs that cater to disadvantaged businesses. SBCF’s loans are not based solely upon risk, but rather on whether there is sufficient cash flow to service the debt. In addition to lending, SBCF also provides technical assistance to aid in business planning for the start-ups and business enhancement programs for existing businesses.

workshop_types4SBCF hosts periodic seminars for the business community. The seminars consist of a review of SBCF’s loan programs and components of business ownership such as developing your business concept, writing a business plan, understanding and preparing financial statements, start-up budgets, taxes, personal and business credit, product pricing, market analysis, knowing your competition and much, much more.

The sessions will also consist of current business ideas and information for existing business owners to help them grow and/or sustain their existing businesses. 
SBCF will also periodically host full-day seminars and workshops that cover all aspects of business ownership from developing the business concept to determining the best exit strategy.

Workshop Programs

Applicants who apply for a loan with SBCF will participate in some form of technical assistance training provided by SBCF staff and other business leaders and professionals offering the following: