Loan Types

Start-Up Capital Financing

Equipment—Term Loans

Government Contract Financing or Other Short-Term Receivables and Inventory Financing

Working Capital—Term Loans

Micro Loans

Commercial Buildings—Commercial Mortgages, Construction/Rehab.


Most small businesses located within Mississippi. Used car dealerships, investment real estate, and non-profits do not qualify.

Other Conditions

  • Insurance on collateral, general business liability, etc.
  • “Key man” Life Insurance—generally owner/guarantor
  • Necessary licenses/certifications
  • Periodic financial reporting
  • Necessary forms for establishing liens on collateral.



All  borrowers must provide the following information, signed and dated, to SBCF for the initial processing of their loan application:

  1. Application (signed)
  2. Business Plan—which includes a narrative of the company, marketing strategy and cash flow projections.
  3. Current Personal financial statement for each borrower or guarantor.
  4. Business financial statements for the last three years and interim financial statements (if applicable).
  5. Resumes of the principals along with past 3 years tax returns. If the initial review is positive, additional information maybe required, before a final decision can be made.
  6. A personal guaranty is required from all owners.