About SBCF

Company Profile

Small Business Capital Fund of MS, Inc.’s typical borrower is a business owner who has difficulty in obtaining financing from traditional financial institutions because of either derogatory credit, insufficient management skills, inadequate collateral or lack of personal funds to meet the equity investment requirement.

Small Business Capital Fund of MS, Inc. provides most types of business loans that include funding for: equipment, inventory, accounts receivable or contract financing, real estate (non-investment), working capital, start-up capital or interim financing.

Financing is provided for both start-up and existing businesses.

Loan sizes range from $5,000 – $150,000 with a maximum of $75,000 for start-up businesses. If the project exceeds Small Business Capital Fund of MS, Inc.’s lending limit, a participation can be done with another financial institution or lending agency.

Who We Are

Small Business Capital Fund of MS, Inc. (SBCF) is a U. S. Department of the Treasury Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides non-traditional financing and technical assistance to small businesses in Mississippi. Our lending program is designed to service the financial needs of both majority and minority and women-owned businesses (MWOB’s), however, we do also offer services specifically designed for MWOB’s to help bridge the gap between majority-owned and minority and women-owned businesses (MWOB) and to ensure that these businesses are afforded the same opportunities for success as their majority-owned counterparts.

What We Do

SBCF works to create jobs and improve the overall economic condition of the community as a whole by providing financing to start-ups and existing business owners that may have difficulty securing loans from traditional lenders. SBCF partners with governmental agencies, local banks, educational institutions and private foundations to administer various programs that cater to disadvantaged businesses. SBCF’s loans are not based solely upon risk, but rather on whether there is sufficient cash flow to service the debt. In addition to lending, SBCF also provides technical assistance to aid in business planning for the start-ups and business enhancement programs for existing businesses.